The grand opening ceremony of the fifth factory of Spey Technology and Spey Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was held!
Release time:2023-05-04 09:30:11   Author:小编

On March 31, 2003, the opening ceremony of the fifth factory of Ningbo Sibei Technology Co., Ltd. and Sibei Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the Loghana Park, Dacheng Prefecture, Thailand. The main members of the company's board of directors and senior management personally witnessed this solemn moment in Thailand. This is a milestone event in Sibei's history and an extremely important step in the company's long-term strategic planning.





The Sibei Thai factory, which started construction in March 2022, covers an area of approximately 34000 square meters and provides over a thousand job opportunities locally, serving the Southeast Asian market and related customers worldwide; The great investment, the great output, and the profound significance are all memorable chapters for Spey.




In Rome, do as the Romans do. Our company has invited Thai monks to practice and dance lions to pray for blessings, symbolizing our beautiful vision of becoming the preferred supply chain with global influence in the field of precision parts manufacturing. With the grand and solemn ceremony slowly taking place, we believe that every Spee person feels gratified and honored at this moment, which is a sense of responsibility and ownership, as well as a team spirit of sharing weal and woe.


Chairman Zhang Bojie delivered his opening speech, stating that in the context of a globalized economy, we should focus on exploring the international market and conduct research and practice in the international market with a more open attitude. We will adhere to our own corporate culture and values, always taking the customer's demand for high-quality products that are "green, low-carbon, and technologically efficient" as the direction of progress, continuously promoting the research and development of new products and technologies, improving factory production efficiency, and striving to create high-quality products and services overseas.




The unveiling ceremony officially began, and the curtain was slowly lifted in the presence of guests and leaders. This marks the official opening of Sibei Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. As our first overseas factory, Sibei Thailand is a pioneer in our international development and growth, and a highly constructive step on our long-term path to success. This will be very conducive to the building of our international brand, the establishment of our corporate image, and the increase of our international competitiveness, At the same time, we will strengthen international information technology exchanges, optimize product quality, enhance product value, and facilitate the development of cross-border trade.


The direction of ambition is boundless and boundless; The direction of the will is firm and unwavering. Standing at a new starting point for development, the past and future will continue, with opportunities and challenges coexisting. Faced with new tasks, as long as we maintain our composure, enhance our abilities, firmly achieve our dream team, and unwaveringly lead the development of the industry, we will seize the opportunity to make progress and forge ahead. We will surely continue to forge ahead, write new chapters, and create new brilliance!