The theme activity of "Consolidating Her Power and Flying Elegance" by Spey Technology warmly presents!
Release time:2023-03-08 09:21:35   Author:小编


The most beautiful March day in the world, with spring flowers showcasing their new beauty. On this vibrant and promising day, we ushered in the 113th "International Women's Day". In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of female employees, create a harmonious and loving corporate cultural atmosphere, strengthen communication and exchange among female compatriots, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise, each of the company's Sibei Goddess prepared exquisite holiday gifts and carried out special activities for flower arrangement learning, To respect every 'she' from Spey.


On the afternoon of March 8th, we specially invited a professional flower art teacher, Teacher Yi Hong, to come to Spey to conduct on-site flower arrangement teaching for the goddesses, in order to relax the body and mind, cultivate sentiments, improve spiritual and cultural qualities, and artistic cultivation. Under the leadership of Teacher Yihong, they carefully studied and practiced floral techniques such as flower selection, cutting, and styling. Their hearts blended with flowers, and their emotions and beauty intertwined. With their clever hands, they created unique flower arrangements and presented themselves with a special gift.




For many years, you have fought hard in your respective positions, with the style of women in the new era, being diligent, actively practicing, and striving to unleash your intelligence, demonstrating the spirit of not being inferior to others, injecting vitality into the rapid development of our company.


Finally, I wish every one of her who strives to run hard, who is resilient and wise, and who is selfless and dedicated, can create a unique beauty in their positions, and fully demonstrate their emotions and responsibilities on the vast social stage.