Production Center
Talents Introduction and Training
Production Center

With the expansion of markets home and abroad, the Company develops a demanding pursuit of talent development and introduction. At present, several expatriate engineers have been introduced. By facilitating the construction of a globally competitive talent system, SPEY Technology aims to create a talent team matching the development of the Company.

Mold production
The mold design and manufacturing capacity is at the leading level in the same industry, and has the ability to develop simultaneously with the main engine factory.
Die-casting Production Line
Around 54 sets of 280-3,000t die-casting machine (Buhler, Toyo, LK and Haitian)
Full-automation Coating Production Line
Automation, flow operation and easy operation contribute to the doubled efficiency with high level of integrated utilization and environment friendly process. The salt spray test is beneficial to the assurance of product quality.
Precision Machining Line
Machining Center for Brands (Grop, Makino, Mazak, Brother and Fanuc) with 845+ equipment.
Have established a domestic leading full-automation cleaning center, which is capable of 360°cleaning of products at fast speed and high efficiency.
Digital Workshop
With the aid of digital production equipment, and intelligent production process, each step of the production can be mastered in real time.