April Employee Birthday Party of Spey Technology | Encounter Spey, Best wishes to you!
Release time:2023-04-24 09:34:00   Author:小编

To express Spey's humanized management and care for employees, enhance employees' identification and sense of belonging with the company, and truly integrate employees into Spey's family, on April 22nd, the April employee collective birthday party planned and organized by our human resources and administration department and sponsored by Spey Technology Trade Union Committee was held in the multi-functional hall of the third factory. April birthday stars from Spey gathered at the scene to celebrate their birthday together.


Li Na, Vice President of Sibei, sends blessings to the birthday stars

Vice General Manager Li Na first expressed her blessings to the birthday stars on behalf of the company, expressed recognition and gratitude for their hard work for Spey, and praised the employees' spirit of overcoming difficulties and working hard.


The birthday party is filled with ceremonial ceremonies such as making wishes, blowing candles, wishing trees to bloom and bear fruit, and eating cakes. Colleagues take this opportunity to express their gratitude to themselves, their parents, and the company, effectively enhancing emotional communication and employee belonging among colleagues.






In the birthday speech segment, everyone rushed to speak up to express the joy and gratitude towards Spey at this moment, as well as the old employees who have been following Spey and Spey's growth together. They used this to express their joy and pride in witnessing Spey's rapid development and growth along the way.

This birthday party has come to a successful conclusion amidst surprise, happiness, and emotion. See you in May!